Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gifts for the Gardeners on your Holiday List

By Christina VanGinkel

Even the cold of a snowy winter day does not deter a gardener from dreaming about the coming spring and summer, so giving gifts this holiday season that are inspired by your favorite persons love of gardening are excellent ideas.

Some suggestions to get you started on picking out the perfect gifts:

Heart shaped or word stones to place in the garden or along a garden trail. Heart stones are made of natural soapstone, gently carved into heart shapes. They can be used in houseplants as a decorative touch year round or just until spring, or even as a paperweight to hold down a stack of order forms for a spring bulb order! Word stones impart a single word of wisdom such as love, peace, or hope for anyone who happens upon one of these lucky stones that your gardener rests among their favorite plants and shrubs.

A Garden Labeler is a handy little gadget that prints labels of all sorts that will stand up to all the weather has to offer, including sun, rain, heat, even frost. It prints on specially laminated tape to make this possible, and is perfect for marking everything from rows to your tools. This handy little labeler is also ideal for all sorts of labeling needs around and in the house too, so it is even more functional then ever.

Tree-in-a-Box Kit comes complete in a very decorative box with everything for the recipient of this unique gift to plant their very own tree, including complete instructions, peat pot, peat pellet, and seeds from your choice of trees, including the American Elm (which is more and more rare), an evergreen, or a blue spruce. I highly recommend these for the beginning child gardener, as it will demonstrate through the years how lasting a plant can be, or even as a gift to a family, so that they can plant it together.

Buy your favorite gardener a pair of colorful clogs, designed specifically for time spent in the garden. One hundred percent waterproof, they come with lug soles to provide secure footing out in the garden. Easy to keep clean, they can be quickly hosed off, or tossed in the sink for a quick rinse. Easy to slip on and off, they will become your gardener's favorite pair of shoes to head out into the garden in, and save them the bother of trying to keep their everyday shoes clean every time that they want to pop into the garden for a bit of work.

Flower presses make great gifts so that flowers can be treasured long after their lifespan has ended. They come in versions as simple as wood flats that screw together, or sophisticated versions that pop in the microwave for those who want to dry their petals right away without a long wait.

Birdseed and feeders are always welcome gifts for gardeners, as most love to feed the birds year round, even when their garden is mostly dormant, or covered beneath the snow. Feeders are available in a variety of decorative choices, including glass, copper, and figural designs. Give the feeder with a bag of wild birdseed or a bag of black sunflowers, and there will soon be a colorful reminder of what spring will soon deliver.

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