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WingsLove said...

Title:How to choose a bra in summer

In the summer, the bra is undoubtedly restrained for women, but we have to wear it. If the summer bra is chosen wrongly, it is not only can't protect the chest, but also expose the chest disadvantages. Summer bras should be thin or thick, it should be chosen according to our own situation.

1. According to the chest type
a. If your chest shape are not good, it is recommended to choose thick bra
When a woman with a chest drooping, or an external enlargement, it is suggested to choose a thicker adjustable bra, such as light padded bra. This type of bra helps to consolidate the chest shape, better wrap the chest and present a more perfect chest shape.
b. Small breasts can choose thin bra
Small chest lady wears a sling to show purity. If you happen to be a small breasted lady who does not have a drooping breast. Then a thin bra, such as a lace bra, will be more fit you.

2. Choose pure cotton fabric
For women of the general economic level, cotton bras are of course the first choice. Sweat and breathable, reducing the growth of bacteria. Let the chest grow healthily to create a more perfect breast shape.

3. Silk is also a good choice
Silk bra is also a good choice if economic conditions permit. It will be more cool in summer and will protect our skin. The high quality will greatly enhance our happiness.