Thursday, December 29, 2005

Garden In A Hurry

One of the reasons many people shy away from planting a garden or otherwise working on landscaping their yards is that they believe that they will not have the time to put into a garden. Instead, they sit back and think about how they would like a garden but cannot.

Well, never fear! Here are some ideas for things you can do in a garden or in your yard with only an hour of spare time. While you will not have a lustrous garden, you can get started and make your yard look better or start your garden today.

Find an area that could use a basic hedge. Purchase six easy-care shrubs. Once they have grown, you will need to cut them once or twice a year. You should be able to cut all six shrubs, gather the clippings, and put them in the compost pile in an hour. In a max of two hours per year, you can start a shrubbery hedge around your home.

If, instead of the shrub, you planted a hedge, be happy. Most hedges, except for the quickest growing among them, can be cut back in an hour. The best part is that like the potted shrubs, you only need to do it annually, so that one hour per year to add value to your home.

Divide your lawn into patches mentally. Now when you have an hour in the evening, get out there and mow a patch. Yes, it may look funny until Saturday gets here and you can get to the rest of it, but you will have less to do then. Unless you wait more than two or three days, no one will be able to tell the difference between the one-hour patch and the rest. If you have an hour each evening, you can mow the entire lawn in a week.

Starting a small flowerbed that edges the house is a great way to begin your gardening. If you have some time, you can weed up to twelve feet of a basic border flower garden in an hour. This garden will need weeding every week, so be sure that you have time for it regularly. Still, a few flowers is much better than none at all, and for only an hour of weekly maintenance, you will be surprised what joy you can bring to your yard.

Go online and order a flower bulb catalog or send off for one at your local nursery. When you get it, you can spend half an hour looking through it and picking out some good bulbs for next year, when you will move to 2-hour gardening. Then you can place your order, and voila, in half an hour, you have made the decision for next year's garden addition.

If you would rather go green, then you can take a trip to your local nursery or stop by on your way home from work. In an hour, you can select plants, pay for them, transport them, and get them out of the car. No, you cannot plant them in an hour, so you will not have that complete, but you can spend a weekday evening working on the purchasing so that your weekend is free for the planting.

If you are container gardening, you are in luck. You will find that you can container garden quickly. Even if you have a number of containers, each one exists in such a small place that you can spend one hour weeding, checking, and watering them and be okay. You will need to go through this process every couple of days, but you will not be spending every moment with your garden.

These tips are just a few of the ways you can begin your garden. While gardening is a hobby, it is something that many people have to grow into. They do not start with a landscaped yard and full garden. It is much easier to work your way into gardening slowly. See what you can handle and then move forward. That way you know when you need to cut back because you will fill your schedule get too full. Gardening is supposed to be relaxing, so be sure that yours is for you.

By Julia Mercer

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