Sunday, December 31, 2006

Planning Garden Decorations

Although the winter is just settling in where we live, I find myself staring out and thinking of the spring and summer to come. I cannot wait to see the colors of spring popping up everywhere again. If you are like me, then you probably have given the spring months some thought with longing, but you have sat back and resigned yourself to the idea that you will have to work on the garden in the spring.

But wait! That does not mean you cannot think about your garden now! Make plans for what you want to do. I am not talking about the actual flowers here. Gardening is much more than just planting a few things in the ground. In fact, for many people the fun of gardening is about far more than the joy of planting the flowers. The joy comes in spending time in the garden and in getting pleasure from making the garden decorative.

Garden decorations abound and come in all sizes, types, and prices. If you want to add to your garden next year but think you have planted all of the flowers and trees you can, then think outside the living pieces of your garden. Imagine the paradise you could create with a few simple additions.

First, think about garden benches. Many gardeners have planted benches where they give a great view of the best parts of the garden. You can do so as well. A garden bench can be a great way to give yourself a spot to enjoy the work you have done. When you are looking for a bench, think about how ornate your garden is. If you have very basic plants in straight lines, then you probably want a similarly plain garden bench, and you can find them for $20-30. Gardeners who have done more to create curves and other features in their gardens may want to consider wrought iron benches or those with intricate design on them. In that case, you have more opportunity and probably can go up to $100 or so for a decent bench.

Beyond sitting, you should think about walking through your garden, especially if you have little feet that may not be respectful padding through. Most small children love to walk on garden stones because they seem fun, so you can try picking up a few pieces when the summer comes. The stones come in all shapes, and you should consider something really funky if you want to make the stones a talking point for visitors to your garden. If you go with the basic round gravel stones, then you can buy them for about $3 each. The odder varieties go up to about $10 each, so keep that in mind when planning.

If you are really creative, then you may want to make your own garden stones. You can make them using any type of plastic mold, such as a plant holder, a little cement, and some creativity. Use stones or various colored beads to create beautiful, unique designs in your garden stones. Then you allow them to dry for a few days and plant them in your garden. You can make these stones for anywhere from $3-5 each depending on the amount and quality of materials you purchase.

Other popular garden decorations include garden gazing balls. Once rumored to keep witches away from gardens, these shining balls now serve as an interesting addition to flower gardens. They also attract many birds according to garden lore. You can find these gazing balls for $20 or so at your garden center. Other garden ornaments, such as sticks with flags that you put out, name plates for your veggies, and hanging tree ornaments are around everywhere in the spring. Look at your yard and determine where you would put such additions and what you would like. Perhaps there is a tree that does not have the soil around it to plant perennials but that would be a great spot for a flag. Write it down now and keep your eye out when you go shopping in the spring.

Looking for gardening additions year round is a fun way to make sure that you can still enjoy the idea of your garden even when it is cold.


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