Sunday, October 01, 2006

Know the toxic and non-toxic plants

We go from our neighbor's garden and thinking what seem to beautiful looking plants placed in your own home. We try to think of plans for designing it in our garden, enhancing the exquisite view of it and sometimes satisfy our dream garden. However, little do we know that the plants we thought are harmless are toxic as it naturally is.
Seldom we know that some of the commercialized plants are actually has their own toxins that can be dangerous to our pets and even children. We just see them elegantly landscaped in our own garden space. The plants we like having as indoor and outdoor feature in our very home.

1. Lilies- these are highly toxic ingested by cats due to its white alluring color found in ponds and sometimes placed in jar. This is famous plant is little do we know causes severe kidney damage if eaten. The solution for this is just to refrain it from areas where it can accessible. Consider placing it as an outdoor feature from the layers of shrubs surrounding it. Position it beside the gate walls or just about any place where it can prevent from your pets and children at home.

2. Hydrangeas- are known for its huge clusters of flowers and placed in a shaded area. Most common location are underneath the trees and sometimes used as an interior decoration due to its enthralling feature. However, this beauty has its own poison within. It contains cyanide that is endangering the corrals underwater. Since the effect itself is dangerous for water-based animals and can be hazardous to health then better place it away from the kitchen sinks. Situate it away from places where there is an activity of eating. The chances are small children, cats and dogs be entangled by the exotic characteristic it has and might curiosity to swallow. A good idea for this type of plant is place it in a pot and considers it hanging around the posts or columns of the house or the gate poles.

3. Azalea- has leaves of vibrant blossoming colors and evergreens. This plant is a common feature in indoor decoration. Due to the kind of leaves, that brings multihued effect in a room. Seldom do we know that this fascinating plant much filled with toxic to health found to contain gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and neurological toxins. This is not advised to place it anywhere inside the house.

4. Philodendron and dieffenbachia- going inside an office or in the side table is the where this plants are mostly seen. Unknowingly both plants are toxic. Keep it away from children's reach and animals as well. One cannot compromise this type of natural ornament from our health.

5. Spider plant is another type of plant that can cause poisoning. If ingested it might cause server digestive problems.

6. Sanseviera or snake plant or spear plant- although this plant has mild toxic effect but still can cause anxiety.

We disregard this kind of effects on us due to lack of education or knowledge to the type of plants we used indoor and outdoor. In fact, we sometimes do not know that we endanger our very lives and the lives of our pets by placing it somewhere accessible to them. As a landscaper or an interior designer of your home, be sure to know the kind of plants that are toxic by asking a horticulturist. To be aware of these types of plants will reduce the risk of being poisoned or avoid accidents totally. Other types of plants that are non-toxic and can replace the above plants.

1. Boston ferns- an evergreen small leafy plant that falls rightly around the columns, elegant and sophisticated. Try placing it in a pillar, clipped it with an orchid or the best is let it naturally twirl around the pole combined it with other hanging plants around it. Be sure to trim it occasionally.

2. Begonias and African violets- blooms all year round, it loveliness is timeless. Inside or outside the house, it can be placed anywhere. A nice side table plant, gorgeous for any occasion or normal days. Your dull wall will never be the same again. The Asian motif design you had in mind for your garden be achieved by putting large stones beside fabricated waterfalls creating a soothing effect.

Nothing replaces a beautiful, safe and naturally landscaped garden you always wanted. By knowing which plant is just right and harmless for you and your family.

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