Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Controlling The South Florida Millipede Problem

If you live in an area of South Florida with a lot of growth, like Coconut Grove or similarly lush areas, then you likely have developed a problem with invasive millipedes, also frequently referred to as centipedes or worms. These dark millipedes looks like black worms or earth worms, are quite unattractive, and will find just about any crack in a home, then enter it. Some people wake up every morning to find them climbing their walls and curtains and falling from the ceiling. Yuk!

I have a solution. It is an old solution to a different but similar problem, that of pests climbing fruit trees, only to consume and/or infest the fruit. Use what fruit tree growers have used for years, a pest barrier sticky glue, available at many garden supply stores. Simply spread this stuff under your doors or around the perimeter of the area in which you wish to keep these critters out and, shabam, they're history!

Does it work? I know someone who uses this and swears by it. He had a huge problem with these centipedes previously. Every morning he would wake to 30 or 40 in the lower level of his home. Now he has none - quite an improvement.

For most homes, a couple of tubes should be enough for the initial application. Depending on the area, however, you may want to apply more later.

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