Friday, February 17, 2006

Pharm Solutions for your Organic Gardening Needs

By Christina VanGinkel

Keeping pests and bothers, of all varieties, out of our garden has been an ongoing chore for my husband and me the last few years. Deer are especially resourceful when it comes to sneaking into the garden, and with a young grandson now a common visitor to the garden, we have been avoiding adding anything that might be harmful to him were he to come into contact with it. This has also precluded us from using some ordinary herbicides that we had occasionally made use of in year's past for the smaller variety pests such as mildew and fungus spores.

With a lot of work, and some seemingly strange tactics (stringing plastic milk jugs around seedlings to scare deer away), we have been able to keep most of the larger unwanted visitors away. However, we have been increasingly concerned about the molds that seem to arrive each spring, around many of our plants, even those that in the years before, we never really noticed such a problem. I personally worry that the molds themselves might be just as damaging to our young grandson as some of the chemicals that we would normally spray around the plants in years past. Therefore, with this in mind, I have been searching for a solution, or a group of solutions, to solve these several seemingly different, but overlapping problems. I finally found a line of products that seem like they might be just what we need.

Pharm Solutions Inc. makes what they themselves refer to as 'the next generation of pesticides' for gardening. Their products are manufactured for use in homes (some of their products do state that they are not intended for use inside of the home, so be sure to read each label, though I believe this has more to do with a smell issue, than anything harmful!), small and large gardens, even for large-scale commercial use. Their products are made with organic ingredients, and most importantly, our families and the environment in the forefront of their minds. All of their products use no alcohol, and no anti-microbials.

Some of their products, such as their Garlic Pharm, intended for outdoor use on edible plants and herbs up until harvest, and some ornamentals, are free of potassium salts and fatty acids. It will repel everything from aphids, thrips, white flies, cucumber beetles, spider mites, and help control problems such as rust, mildew, and fungi. Garlic Pharm will also repel small critters with it garlic aroma, even after it has dissipated past the point where humans can smell the odor.

Pharm Solution products in addition to the Garlic Pharm mentioned above include:

Deer Pharm, used as a deterrent to treat flowers, shrubs, fruits, and berries from the damaging effects of deer grazing on them.

Fungus Pharm, can be used on both plants and trees, to treat powdery mildew, horticultural fungus, garden pests, black spot, and rust.

Oil Pharm can be used on fruit trees, nut trees, berries, and woody ornamentals.

Rose Pharm successfully treats black spot, powdery mildew, and rust and rose pests of assorted types. It is the advertised as being the first insecticide of its kind, made from certified organic soap, certified organic peppermint oil, and certified organic soybean oil.

Veggie Pharm treats powdery mildew, horticultural fungus, and garden pests. It is also the first concentrate of its kind to be made from certified organic soap, organic peppermint oil, & organic soybean oil.

Indoor Pharm is a glycerin-based soap used to treat and prevent scale, mildew, fungus, and indoor pests. It can prevent fungal spores from turning into a mature disease, and when used as directed, it will prevent powdery mildew. It is an organic choice as an insecticide, miticide, and a fungicide. Like several of the other Pharm Solution products, it is the first in its class, being the first insecticide made from certified organic soap, organic almond oil, and organic soybean oil.

Flower Pharm, made of certified organic soap, pure cinnamon oil, and organic soybean oil, is a glycerin-based soap used to control insects. It also will aid in the prevention of fungal spores maturing to a full-blown disease when used properly. It will also prevent powdery mildew from forming.

Fish Pharm will feed vegetables, flowers, roses, and treat garden fungus.

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