Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Garden Fountains

By Christina VanGinkel

Adding a fountain to a garden space is definitely worth considering, as it can add tons of charm to the space, and can even be beneficial to the surrounding area and anyone lucky enough to take the time to sit and enjoy it. Though I have always dreamed of having one, I always assumed that other than a most basic fountain, I would never be able to afford one. Then I cam across the inventory of fountains at OutdoorDecor.com, and I realized that a fountain might just be a lot closer to fitting into my budget than I ever imagined!

New Pet Fountain

There are quite a few in the price range of what I assumed fountains might possibly cost, those that run the gamut of close to a thousand to even several thousand dollars. Surprisingly though, I also found a good selection at prices a lot less than I ever imagined. One of the first fountains that caught my attention was actually one of the lesser priced ones. I have always admired a fountain in the image of a child, or children, participating in an activity that you might see in real life, and if the activity is something that would be fitting for a garden or water scene, all the better. So, when I came across a brass fountain with a Verde patina finish, depicting a young boy playfully interacting with a small from on a ponds edge, I was absolutely in love with the piece. In addition, to make it even more appeasing, the price on it was $350.00, substantially less than what I had seen similar fountains for elsewhere. Sized at 14 inches high and 20 inches long, it was not even a particularly small fountain. A good size actually for a small to moderate sized garden space. While I fell in love with this particular fountain, I was so impressed with the price; I decided to see what other fountains they had to offer. I was not disappointed!

Fisherboy Fountain

In the same category, I also came across a 21-inch high fountain, made of brass and done with a verdigris finish. It depicts a young boy with his catch, a fish! The fish is spouting the water, and together it makes the perfect fountain for a pond of any size, whether a small one that you use just to sit by and enjoy the breeze on a hot summer day, or a larger one that you actually fish from. At $490.00, it was a bit higher priced than the New Pet Fountain, but still much less than I had anticipated.

Miniature Fountains

I have also had a fondness for very small fountains, those depicting little critters, and creatures close to their natural size. Even with these though, I have always come across prices that were in the several hundred-dollar price range, but they had several marked much closer to the one and two hundred-dollar range.

Mini Frog Prince Fountain

The Mini Frog Prince Fountain is a charming little frog, complete with crown, brass, with a verdigris finish. At a mere three inches tall, he would be perfect at a pond's edge, awaiting his princess to stop by for a rest and possibly a little kiss. Priced at only $38.00, even a princess in waiting could afford to bring him home to stay awhile!

Thinker Frog Prince Fountain, Impatient Frog Prince Fountain, Anxious Frog Prince Fountain

If the Mini Frog Prince Fountain is not animated enough for you, he comes in three additional poses, the Thinker Frog Prince Fountain, at seven inches high, the Impatient Frog Prince Fountain, at twelve inches high, and the Anxious Frog Prince Fountain, at nine inches high. These are priced more than the Mini Frog Prince Fountain is, but are so full of their own attitude and style, the only downfall may be that you find yourself wanting all four of them! Priced at $78.00, $178.00, and $118.00 respectively, you could have a whole quartet of frog princes for less than five hundred dollars.

If you are in need of a bit of extra charm, or just always wanted a fountain to place out in your garden, be sure to check out OutdoorDecor.com's selection, as you will be sure to find a fountain perfect for your garden, and your pocketbook!

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