Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gardening Business Ideas

If you are really into gardening, there is no reason that you cannot turn that love of the outdoors into a business venture. You will only need a little creativity and the right idea, and you will be set to have a gardening business in no time. There are a number of options you have for making your gardening hobby into something profitable.

One option is to write a book. The key to writing a non-fiction book is that you have to have a hook. People need to have a reason to pick up your book instead of thousands of other ones out there. You can focus on one aspect of gardening, such as how to start an organic garden or how to feed your entire family from your garden. If you live in a unique climate, then you can write a book on dealing with plants in that climate area. Use your general experiences as a springboard for writing a book about gardening.

The second way you could use gardening as a business is to sell your stock. There are a few options that you have here. First you can sell the plants as the flowers have bloomed. One of my first experiences with a home-based business was with my friend's grandmother. She had a knack for growing beautiful roses, ones that would make anyone jealous. She would cut the roses and sell them to anyone who wanted them, and in our small town, word got around. Eventually she could support herself entirely with her roses, and I got to see someone making money doing something that she loved to do.

Another way to sell your gardening wares is to sell small plants that other people can transplant into their own gardens. If you are going to do this, then herbs are one of the best choices you have. These plants are simple because they tend not to spread out or be very tall. You can make cuttings from your own plants or plant seeds and allow them to germinate and begin to grow. Then you can sell them to others so that they can have their own gardens.

A third way to sell the goodies from your own garden is, of course, to sell the fruits and vegetables that you grow. You will need to be sure that you will have an adequate supply if you are going to sell them, and you will need to have a place to find steady clients so that you do not end up with rotting fruits and veggies. On the other hand, this job as a side business can earn you some extra cash.

Another way to make money from your gardening talents is to make accoutrements to go in other people's gardens. Though you may not think that you have the talents, you do not know until you try. You can look around at a local ceramic store or check out wooden crafts sections at local craft places. Use your imagination. What would you like to see in your own garden? There are ways that you can make wind chimes and other interesting objects for gardens. It only takes a little creativity and a lot of willingness to work.

Finally you can teach other people how to garden. With the Internet, you can set up an online class at one of many informal "schools" on the Internet. You will be able to use your expertise to transform it into knowledge that other people can use. If you are a particularly accomplished gardener, then you may be able to give speeches or seminars locally to help other people learn about your gardening techniques.

These ideas are just a few of the ones you can try to make your gardening ideas a success. You will find that if you put your mind to it, there are scores of businesses that make use of your gardening skills. If you really have the investment capital, you can even try starting a gardening-related business, such as one selling plants or gardening supplies. Look around. Take stock of what you do and need for your own garden and use that information as a starting point for your own gardening business.

By Julia Mercer

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