Saturday, December 10, 2005

Online Gardening Magazines & Other Useful Resources For Gardeners

There are a number of great online gardening magazines and other online gardening resources. In this article, we list a few of the better ones. This list, however, is far from comprehensive.

Gardening Magazines:
Better Homes & Garden
Carolina Gardener
Chicagoland Gardening
City Gardening
Country Living Gardener
Florida Gardening
Garden Asia
Garden Design
Garden gate
Gardens West
Global Garden
Homes & Gardens
Horticulture Magazine
House & Garden
Kitchen Garden
Organic Gardening
Reckless Gardener
Southern Living
Texas Gardener
Tropical Gardening
Your Garden

Of these, a few are based in or related to gardening in either the UK, Canada, or Australia, as follows:

Garden Asia

Kitchen Garden
Reckless Gardener

Your Garden

Gardens West

Nevertheless, it should be noted that gardening is a global interest, so don't feel like a gardening magazine for a region other than yours or that is not specifically for your region is not useful. It likely is. Instead, one should concentrate on the environmental applicability.

Other Gardening Sites:
Martha Stewart
National Gardening Association
Rebecca's Garden
Aquascape Designs

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